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4 Tips on Why Lawn Maintenance Is Critical Calgary, AB

Aside from simple vanity purposes, lawn maintenance Calgary AB is a critical component of any property. Disregarding the upkeep has long lasting effects on the health of your greenery, family, as well as your neighborhood’s value. Norse Landscapes is the premier lawn maintenance company Calgary, AB and addresses all the pressing issues that accompany proper outdoor care. The following 4 tips are why lawn maintenance is essential and should not go ignored:

  1. Increased property value: By tending to the upkeep of your lawn on a regular basis, you can increase the property value of your home. The National Association of Realtors reports that 71% of home buyers feel curb appeal is an essential factor is selecting a home. A beautifully maintained yard is a perfect way of showing others that you care about your property.

  2. Help with energy bills: A great benefit of a well landscaped lawn is that it can be molded to help with your energy bills. This comes from how trees and other greenery can be arranged to increase shade during the summertime. This will keep your cooling bills down. If you would prefer to focus on winter time home costs, trees can also serve as a barrier for snow and block harsh winds decreasing heating costs.

  3. Good for the environment: Healthy lawns are good for the environment since a root system aids in water purification. They also trap 12 million tons of matter which makes it easier for people to breath. The lawn is an oxygen mill as it absorbs carbon and exudes refreshing oxygen which will better the air quality.

  4. Contributes to healthy grass for family and pets: Healthy and clean grass will be a happy byproduct of a well maintained lawn. This will serve as a great benefit to those with children who prefer to play outdoors as well as pets that run around in safe greenery.

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