lawn care Alberta

As summer comes to an end, it is the perfect time to begin thinking about fall lawn care Alberta! While the cooler temperatures cause people to start bundling up and stay indoors, it is still important to care for your lawn, especially in preparation for the winter months ahead. Today we are going to go over the top 5 tips we recommend you do in order to care for your lawn during the fall months.

1. Rake it up!

As most people know, autumn brings falling leaves which can quickly cover the entirety of your lawn. During this time, you should be raking your lawn once a week! While most people believe that raking your leaves is only important for aesthetic reasons, that is not entirely true. The leaves can block the sunlight from the lawn thus not allowing your grass to make food. Also, due to the moisture that the leaves hold, they can cause lawn fungi which can be detrimental. Another reason why raking is so important is to get rid of any thatch build-up. This will allow for sunlight and airflow to reach throughout the grass.

2. Cut it short

During the fall, not only should you be continually mowing your lawn but you should actually be cutting it 1-2 inches shorter than you usually do during the growing season. This will help prevent the matting of your grass and help it withstand fungi that can come with the colder winter months. This can also help you detect any pests and rid of them before they begin to cause a serious problem in the spring. You can also hire a specialist in order to handle all of your lawn care services Alberta and ensure that your grass is properly cut and prepared for the colder months ahead.

3. Don’t stop watering

Even though the autumn rains and cooler temperatures, which lessens evaporation, are coming this doesn’t mean you should stop watering your lawn. You can get a rain gauge in order to track how much water your grass is getting from the rain or hire someone for lawn maintenance Alberta to keep your lawn looking great at all times! Your lawn should be getting at least one inch of moisture every week and if there is not enough rain to provide this, you should be watering it even throughout the fall months

4. Let your lawn breathe

Regular aeration is the key to a healthy lawn! After a long, hot summer your lawn can experience heat stress and soil compaction. Aeration helps to alleviate the toll that summer takes on your lawn by removing plugs of soil and allowing fertilizer and other nutrients to reach down to the roots of the grass. Professional machinery is the best tool for this task so contact your local lawn care Alberta specialist for your aeration needs.

5. Feed your lawn

Fall is the best time of the year to fertilize your lawn. This is because it provides your lawn with nutrients throughout the winter in order to grow big and strong once spring rolls around. A nitrogen-rich fertilizer is the best to use during this time but make sure to call someone who specializes in lawn care services Alberta to ensure that you are using the correct fertilizer for your lawn and area. The climate and conditions during the fall are also perfect for filling in any burned or bare spots of your lawn that have been caused by the hot summer.

All of these tips and tricks are vital for a beautiful and luscious lawn when spring comes next year! These tips must be followed on a schedule because if they are done at the wrong time it could cause you to lose the time and energy that you invested into caring for your lawn. For the best results, hire an expert in lawn maintenance Alberta to care for your lawn and prepare it for the harsh winter ahead. Contact Norse Landscapes today if you have any questions about lawn care Alberta, lawn care services Alberta, or lawn maintenance Alberta.