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Why You Need Spring Cleaning Services for Your Commercial Landscaping

Norse Landscapes Help Get Your Space Ready for Warmer Weather


As the weather gets warmer, commercial properties get busier. Customers, residents, employees and visitors are more likely to spend time outside enjoying the beautiful Calgary, Alberta, spring and summer. With more attention coming, it’s the right time to focus on lawn and foliage care with help from your commercial landscaping company Calgary. With Norse Landscapes, you’ll have a landscaping maintenance partner to have your property looking beautiful.

What does spring cleaning look like for your commercial landscaping? Here are a few ideas and why they are necessary.

  1. Cleanup from Winter

Calgary, Alberta, winters can take their toll on commercial properties. You need to make sure that any leaves and other debris left over from last year are clear. You also want your property to be free of fallen, decaying or dead branches, plants or bushes. A spring cleanup will also remove any dead grass, leaving your lawns freer to grow new and healthy lawns.

  1. Trim It Up

Winter weather is harsh on your trees and shrubs. Springtime is a good time to carefully prune and trim those plantings, getting rid of any damaged or diseased items. With neater canopies and healthier specimens, your greens will grow stronger in the warmer months and add curb appeal.

  1. Feed the Grounds

Whether it’s annual flower beds, new plantings, your lawns or trees, you want to be sure they are nourished. Spring is the best time to apply fertilizers and other treatments to promote health and stronger growth cycles for new and existing plants and grasses.

  1. Bug Out

In colder climates, spring is a time of rebirth for your lawns and plantings … and the buzzing and humming insects who live there. To combat hatchlings and returning pests, make sure to treat flower and plant beds, grasses and trees with insecticides. Herbicides should also be applied to prevent meddlesome weeds and other unsightly guests.

  1. New Colors

Spring is the time to consider new flowers and plants in planters, containers and beds. New colorful plants and flowers make for a new, fresher look, and add visual appeal and fragrance. Take advantage of seasonal varieties now blooming to provide a spring in the step to those visiting your site.

  1. Clean it Up

Depending on your property, you may very well have any number of hardscapes. Benches, walls, fences, paths all could use a little touch up after braving our winter. Spring is an ideal time to clean hardscapes, clear paths and inspect for any damage that may require repairs before they are used more frequently.

Spring is a good time inspect irrigation systems and lighting equipment, too.

At Norse Landscapes, we are the commercial landscaping company Calgary that commercial property owners and managers turn to for commercial landscaping maintenance. When you need lawn and foliage care, landscape construction, snow removal, golf course maintenance or ongoing landscape care, count on our experience and expertise. We put service and quality first when it comes to serving our customers.