Commercial Snow Removal Calgary AB

5 Landscaping Musts for Winter

The colder weather of a Calgary Alberta winter does not mean your lawn care must be forgotten. Commercial snow removal Calgary AB and landscape is just as important in the winter months as it is in the warmer ones. To guarantee a thriving landscape when Spring arrives you must give attention to your property during all seasons. At Norse landscaping, we provide care for property all year to ensure proper maintenance and healthy plants. If you’re interested in how to care for your property during winter, here are five landscaping musts during the colder weather.  

Replant When You Can

In order to maximize your efforts without breaking the bank, look into which plants can actually be split and replanted.  Replanting is a great way to utilize your pre-existing landscape and expand what you already have. Plants such as hostas, black-head Susans, daisies, and groundcovers are all able to be split and transplanted to other areas of your lawn. This process can maximize your commercial landscaping features and preserve the health of your plants.

Save Money on Tree Removal 

During the winter months, the demand for tree removal tends to slow down. This makes it an optimal time to take advantage of lower prices. If you are in need of a tree being removed it is smart to find a commercial landscape service to check it out while they are less busy. 

Protect Your Property from Insects

Although the presence of insects slows down in winter months, these pests do now take a break. Be aware of any insect damage that can damage your property’s appearance or landscaping. Make sure to be especially aware of snow mold which can easily be addressed by a professional commercial snow removal Calgary AB. Snow mold can rot your current landscape and can be bothersome to get rid of. 

Add a Pop of Color

Nothing says spring like beautiful flowers full of color. Get a jump on spring blooms by planting bulbs before the ground freezes. Planting evergreens is also a great way to bring liveliness to your lawn as they can withstand colder temperatures. You can also try to add some brightly colored pots and lawn decor to bring light and warmth to your property.

Maintain Your Curb Appeal 

We at Norse Landscapes understand that the winter months can be a bit drab. Contact us today for assistance with any commercial snow removal Calgary or landscaping service needs. Let’s talk more about how you can maximize your budget and plan for winter landscaping services. For more information regarding landscaping and commercial snow removal Calgary Alberta – contact Norse Landscapes!