yard maintenance Calgary ab

It is now fall and the perfect time to up your yard maintenance Calgary AB. At Norse Landscapes we can assist you with snow removal Calgary AB, lawn care Calgary AB and much more! Here are some tips and tricks to follow this fall to keep your yard looking its best!

Clean up your lawn

Now is the perfect time to clear your yard of leaves and debris. Especially since winter is on its way and having a clean yard for the snowfall to cover is the optimal solution to preparing and preserving your yard. Raking your yard often is key to preserving your lawn during this time. If you allow fallen leaves to build up too much during this time it could potentially cause damage to your lawn from moisture build up under the leaves. This is extra important to pay attention to before it rains since that would add to the moisture.


Fertilizing your lawn during the fall months will boost its ability to survive better during the winter months. Your lawn during this time is also trying to recover from those recent summer weather conditions so fertilizing at this time will definitely give it what it needs to stay healthy and for the optimal yard maintenance Calgary AB.

Maintain your lawn

Continuing to properly water and mow your lawn is very important during this time as well. Now that the weather has cooled down, your lawn does not need nearly as much water as it did during the hot summer months. Towards the end of fall when winter is just around the corner you could also try and trim your lawn extra short so that the sun is still able to saturate it during the winter weather.

For more information about yard maintenance Calgary AB this fall contact Norse Landscapes today!