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As summer heats up, your lawn is going to need some extra care. Just like rain, the sun can both heal and hurt your lawn. Make sure you are taking the proper lawn care Calgary AB of it by following these top five tips.


Aerate Your Lawn


To aerate something means to expose it to air. You want to aerate your lawn to allow oxygen to make it to the roots. It also helps with drainage and droughts. You will want to make small, but fairly deep holes in your grass. This can be done with a garden fork, aerating machines, or even aerating shoes.


Remove Weeds


Weeds are a silent killer when it comes to landscaping. Not only are they unsightly, they are damaging to your healthy grass. You will want to pull the weed out all the way down to the root to ensure it won’t grow back again. You can also opt for low-toxicity herbicide to remove the manual labor.


Feed Your Lawn


Grass needs to be fed to be happy and healthy. Lawn fertilization Calgary AB allows for grass to receive the proper nutrients to grow full and green. 


Water Your Lawn


Watering your lawn is a no-brainer; however, how you water your lawn is what matters. Overwatering can hurt your grass and result in disease and suffocation. Underwatering your lawn can result in lack of color and make it flatten as you walk on it.


Top Dress Your Lawn


The purpose of top dressing your lawn is to not only make it look better, but improve the soil quality. Top dressing allows your lawn to be even and provides drought resistance and drainage.


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