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Commercial Snow Removal Calgary AB

Plowing Tips for this Winter Season

With winter just around the corner is it important to familiarize yourself on the process of commercial snow plowing. An unplowed driveway or parking lot inhibits customers and employees from accessing your business. The process of snow removal can also be dangerous and you do not want to link yourself to any liabilities that may ensue from having your own personal perform the task. The best time to plow is right after the snow falls. On heavier days, going by this rule is not as easy, but if you left snow sit too long it can get hard or on the contrary turn slushy. The following are our plowing tips the bare in mind this winter season:


  • Prior to the start of the season, inspect your commercial area for potential hazards such as holes, speed bumps, hydrants etc.
  • Request a map of the area so that you can determine where to begin
  • Inquire if there are any restrictions with where the snow is stacked
  • Make sure water drains and catch basins are clear
  • Ensure the correct equipment is ready to come the time of the job
  • Know what snow plow styles you are going to use (Front Mount, Rear Mount, etc.)

During Plowing Process:

  • Always make sure the warning flashers are on when the plowing is in the process to alert customers and employees
  • There should be a large enough space to accommodate cleared snow from future storms
  • Do not allow snow to be piled near handicapped area
  • Use extra caution when plowing next to curbs
  • Keep track of time

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