snow removal Calgary AB

Properly preparing your property for snow removal Calgary AB is essential for preventing damages and preserving your landscaping the best as possible. Follow these steps this winter to preserve your property!

Monitor Weather

Keeping an eye on weather conditions is one of the best ways to keep your property looking good all year long. This will allow you to plan properly and prevent damages. This will also give you insight on the best times to make appointments for maintenance, ( 

Prep Before the Storm

Once you know when the storms will arise, taking the time to prepare your property right before can be very beneficial. One step you can take is moving all of your vehicles into your driveway. This will cause the snow to pile up on the vehicle instead of on your pavement. This is a great way to prevent damage to large parts of your driveway, saving you lots of money in the long run. Another step you can take is preparing your landscaping for snowfall. This can be done by fertilizing the soil and raking leaves before snowfall. You may also want to consider laying mulch to protect your trees or other plants from the cold winter conditions. This will serve as a barrier, protecting your plants roots all winter long.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead for snow removal is a great way to prepare your property for winter. It is never too early to contact a professional and make an appointment to ensure you are able to get a snow removal appointment in time. You should also reach out to snow removal contractors in advance to ensure they are operating and have appointment times available. At Norse Landscapes we can assist you with your snow removal Calgary AB needs, as well as help with lawn care Calgary AB and yard maintenance Calgary AB.