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Five Spring Landscaping Tips For Your Property

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Spring may come later in Calgary, AB, than in other parts of the country, but now that it’s here it’s time to get your lawn maintenance in gear. For commercial landscaping Calgary business owners and property managers need to focus on the care and planning that will allow for great lawns and facilities the rest of the year. Choosing a trusted landscaping company like Norse Landscaping is one sure way to help keep your commercial property looking green and lush.

Here are five spring landscaping tips for your property.

  1. Clean Up and Clear Out

IN a harsh Calgary, AB, winter, damage is done to your commercial property. Spring lawn maintenance begins with a comprehensive assessment of the grounds, cleaning up leaves and dead lawn that were not picked up in late fall cleanups, clearing away fallen branches, pine cones, and other debris, and inspecting the grounds to see if there are any other issues that have arisen in the colder winter months.

  1. Assess Plantings

For commercial landscaping Calgary businesses should review the existing flower, shrub, tree, and bush plantings to ensure that they remain healthy and durable. Trimming services can be used to make sure that trees, bushes and shrubs remain healthy and to remove broken, damaged, or diseased branches or sections. Dead wood can be removed and will not further weaken trees.

  1. Plan(t) Anew

Spring is a great time to review your landscaping and add new plants, trees, bushes or flower beds. It’s also a great time to reseed lawn areas that have died or are sparse. Spring is also the right time to look at your hardscapes – the benches, walls, fences, water features, and paths to assess whether they need to be repaired or replaced.

  1. Inspect and Maintain the Irrigation System

Your irrigation system are the arteries of your commercial property, bring much0needed moisture to the lawns, beds, and trees on your site. You need this system working at peak performance to not only complete its functions but also to avoid wasting resources.

Spring is the right time to audit the irrigation system, ensuring that the pipes, valves and other components are functioning properly. Replacing these elements at the beginning of the season ensures you’ll have a fully functioning system for the rest of the year.

5 Apply Treatments

To ensure your property is healthy and thriving all year, spring is an important time to apply fertilizers, weed treatments, and insecticides. Aeration at this time of year allows for water, nutrients, and sun to permeate deep into your lawn. Keeping away unwanted pests and keeping your plantings and lawns well fed with nutrients they need will allow for year-round enjoyment and less maintenance later.

When you need commercial landscaping Calgary businesses should look to Norse Landscapes. Our landscaping company offers year-round maintenance, tree maintenance, and snow removal for golf courses, condo complexes, and properties of all types. And if your home landscaping needs a refresher, we also residential full-service options, too.