lawn maintenance Alberta

Your lawn is the first thing people see when they pull up to your home. The curb appeal of your house also affects the resell value. Putting a little extra effort into your lawn maintenance can make all the difference, and who doesn’t want a yard they can be proud of? Here are some tips for maintaining the perfect lawn.

Learn About Your Grass

Different grasses prefer different temperatures and water levels. There are cool-season and warm-season grasses, and knowing yours will affect the type of care you provide your lawn. Usually, the type of grass is dependent upon your region. Learning your type of grass can also help you cut it to the recommended height.

Aerating Your Lawn

Lawns that are frequently used or mowed can create compacted soil. Compacted soil causes issues because it can disrupt the distribution of water and other nutrients. It can also disrupt beneficial organisms such as earthworms, making it so they cannot establish in your lawn. Aerating is the process of punching holes in your lawn and can help with compaction issues. There are handheld aerating tools, or for bigger yards, you can call a lawn care service Alberta, such as Norse Landscapes.

Use Corn Gluten as an Organic Herbicide

Corn Gluten Meal comes from the corn milling process and results in a powder. It is a natural herbicide for grass and crops, but it also can help fertilize your soil. The Corn Meal must be used before the emergence of weeds, otherwise, it can act as a fertilizer for them.

Water Deeply and Less Frequently

Experts recommend that you water your lawn 1 inch, once a week (this amount may vary with your grass type). Watering deeply and infrequently can help the roots of your grass grow deeper. Your lawn is more likely to survive harsh weather conditions this way. You can use an electronic soil tester to determine if you are using the correct moisture level, or hire a professional in lawn maintenance.

All of these tips and tricks are vital for a beautiful and luscious lawn! For the best results, hire an expert in lawn maintenance Alberta to care for your lawn and provide the detailed attention it requires. Contact Norse Landscapes today if you have any questions about lawn care Alberta, lawn care services Alberta, or lawn maintenance Alberta.