Spring Landscaping

The snow is beginning to melt and it’s time to start preparing for the warmer months ahead. Here are our top tips for sprucing up your landscape for Spring!

1. Tree Trimming
Trimming your leafless, barren trees before Spring may not be at the top of your to do list, but it should be! Winter storms can break and weaken tree branches that can cause property damage as well as personal injury.  Examining your trees while they are still dormant allows you to better catch any hazardous branches, bug infestations, or tree diseases that, if left untreated, could require a full tree removal. Contact a tree service specialist that can closely inspect your trees and make sure they are strong and healthy!

2. Clean-Up
Before you begin any work, it’s important to clean up your yard. Winter storms can leave debris such as branches and leaves, that you don’t want to get stuck in your lawn mower. Make sure to pull any weeds and gently rake up the brown patches of matted grass (do this only after your grass is no longer dormant and has started growing again). You can also contact a lawn care services expert to take care of the clean-up for you and set you up for success.

3. Lawn Care
Lawn care is very important, especially after the brutal winter months. During winter, the snow can compact your lawn’s soil making it difficult to absorb water, air and other nutrients that it needs. To combat this, use a pitchfork or other aerator tool to loosen the soil. Spread fertilizer throughout your lawn and under shrubs and trees in order to replenish nutrients and grow beautiful, strong plants.

4. Irrigation
Hot summer months are right around the corner so it’s important that your irrigation system is up and running properly. After not being used regularly during the cooler months the heads can become broken and clogged. You can get monthly irrigation maintenance done by a lawn care services specialist in order to avoid any issues when you need it the most. 

5. Plan and Plant
Spring is the perfect time to redesign and update your landscape. You want to have the right plants for the warmer seasons to keep your yard looking vibrant and lively! You can speak to a landscaping expert to discuss landscape design, construction, and maintenance.

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