tree pruning calgary ab

Tree pruning Calgary AB has more importance for the tree and the safety of those near than you may think. If you are tempted to skip tree trimming or maintenance let us educate you on the many benefits that come with properly pruned trees!

Tree Growth

Tree pruning Calgary AB has an impact on the growth and structure of the tree. This also helps to avoid breakage or falling of the trees branches leaving more stability and a longer life for the tree. Your trees will grow more evenly and it’s natural shape will be strengthened.

The Right Time to Prune

Pruning should be at different times depending on the tree type. In general, pruning should be done during the winter months or early spring. Pruning trees while they are dormant is a good idea because during this time the trees are less likely to be harmed or damaged.

Pruning for Safety Reasons

Trees can be a safety hazard if not cared for correctly. At times trees grow so tall that they can be a fire hazard if they come in contact with power lines. They also can fall over on nearby structures and cause great damage if they are not stable during a heavy storm.

Benefits of Proper Tree Pruning

Ensuring that your trees are properly pruned has a lengthy list of benefits. Pruned trees allow for better traffic and can cause street signs to be more visible. It also could benefit surrounding plants since it reduces excess shade and gives lower branches or surrounding plants more sunlight. Your trees and the landscaping will look better and overall safety will be enhanced.

To learn more about tree pruning Calgary AB, tree removal Calgary AB, and tree trimming Calgary AB visit Norse Landscape. We are happy to answer any of your tree related questions!