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Don’t Let Winter Stop You: Benefits of Winter Landscape Maintenance Calgary AB

Norse Landscapes Does the Winter Work that Pays Off in the Spring

Just because the temperatures have plummeted doesn’t mean it’s time to neglect your Calgary, AB commercial landscape maintenance or lawn maintenance. Winter is the ideal time to make sure your property is prepared and maintained. When doing winter landscape maintenance Calgary AB property owners and managers and residents are making their properties healthier and stronger when the snow melts and the weather warms.

Here are a few tips for winter landscape maintenance Calgary AB residents and property managers should consider.

  • Prune your plants. Winter is an ideal time to prune back your plants as it is a dormant season for growing. If you prune late in the winter, fresh wounds are only exposed for a short period of time before new growth starts.
  • Prevent water loss. While winters are full of water, they are also a time when plants and trees, especially evergreens, can lose a lot of moisture. Winter is the right time to apply anti-transpirants to your plants to provide them with protection from losing moisture through the leaves. It’s also a good practice to wrap evergreens in burlap, which keeps them from losing moisture and also from damage due to winter winds and salt spray.
  • Protect from snow and ice. Heavy snow and ice can damage branches or cause them to break off. Removing excess snow and ice by brushing instead of shaking further protects branches. If branches are visibly weakened or broken they should be removed to prevent disease.
  • Wrap young trees. Young trees are particularly vulnerable in the winter. That’s why wrapping them in wire mesh can keep away gnawing critters. Burlap should also be used to wrap foundation shrubs.
  • Avoid salt. While salt is an effective way to melt ice and keep driveways, parking lots and walkways dry, salt products can do a number on your landscape. If you need to use salt, try to keep it away from plant and tree roots whenever possible. An application of gypsum in late November or December to turf and soil can help to counteract the drought-causing effects of too much salt.
  • Repair hardscapes. While lawn maintenance is different in the winter months, the season is a good time to inspect and repair any hardscapes that have been damaged or broken during the busier months of the year. Stone and concrete walls and steps can be repaired, irrigation systems can be checked for cracks and leaks, and new hardscapes can be ordered in time for installation in the spring.

At Norse Landscapes, we help Calgary, AB businesses, and residences with year-round commercial landscape maintenance Calgary AB. We offer snow removal services too for condominiums, golf courses, and other commercial properties, too.

With more than 45 years of collective experience, our team members focus on delivering timely, quality services to each of our clients. Our crew of 20 employees is here to help with all of your winter landscape maintenance needs.