lawn care

Although winter doesn’t require as much lawn care as other seasons, there are still steps that can be taken to ensure your lawn is healthy and prepared for the upcoming spring months. Much of the yard maintenance Alberta homeowners can conduct consists of protecting dormant lawns until the frost and snow clear. Here are a few helpful tips for your lawn care Alberta during the frozen winter months:

Reduce foot-traffic 

Though grass is naturally very resilient, damage to lawns and landscapes can be severe during the winter months, if subjected to normal foot traffic. Whether completely frozen over, or partially thawed, your lawn may be vulnerable to shearing and rutting damage, or soil displacement, if care is not taken. Be sure to allow for the soil to drain to at least field capacity, or drier, before crossing regularly. 

Ensuring your driveway and sidewalks are navigable and clear of snow, is a simple way to protect your lawn area through the harsh winter season. Just be sure not to shovel the snow onto the lawn itself, as the pressure from piled snow can block the grass from any warm rays as temperatures eventually rise. 

Mark your lawn

In order to protect your lawn, it’s important to mark off where the lawn ends and walkways begin. Stake flags can be helpful in this, but really anything easily visible to distinguish your lawn from walkways will work just fine. Placing reflective markers along the street line of your yard is also recommended to steer snow plows away from your lawn area.

Avoid the use of salt

Commonly used to clear ice and snow from roads and walkways, road salt can have adverse effects on your lawn area. Excess salt often makes its way onto soil and plants, affecting the PH level of outdoor areas, and damaging the lawn and plants homeowners spend so much time and money caring for. Utilizing an alternative product, such as sand or magnesium, can be an easy way to avoid the chance of hurting your outdoor area. 

Of course, lawn care will require additional measures as the spring season approaches and frost subsides. The experts at Norse Landscapes have the tools and experience to ensure your outdoor area is in perfect shape for the sunny weather ahead! Contact Norse Landscapes today for more information regarding yard maintenance in the Alberta area!